Flushable Wipes

Healthy Ingredients For On The Go

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We're Free From Toxins:

Chlorine Bleach
Bad Vibes
Synthetic Preservatives

The Better Way To Wipe

Keeping Bottoms fresh all day can be a challenge. We get it. But it's 2019, cars drive themselves for G Sake. It's time to ditch TP and move into this century. Keep your Privates or Bum clean and fresh all day long.

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Materially Different.

Our wipes are made from Hydraspun Dispersible, the world’s first dispersible substrate for flushable wipes. This patented wetlaid material swiftly disperses and biodegrades in water so it’s truly flushable. It meets flushability requirements according to the INDA/EDANA flushability guidelines.

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Natural & Sensitive
+ pH Balanced.

Designed for Bottoms + Privates

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